Podcast 764: Indistractable-How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life with Nir Eyal

All I can say about author Nir Eyal and his new book entitled “Indistractable – How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life” is that it is an aha! book and a must read if you want to become more focused and productive.

I think that most people in our “always on” world would like to find better ways to improve our focus, and become more Indistractable.  I know for me personally this has always been a problem for I believe I have been afflicted with attention deficit disorder.

So it is agreed, that we all need to learn how to avoid distraction and learn what triggers our distraction and what causes the problems. Distraction stops us from reaching our goals, and traction leads us closer to our goals, and triggers prompt both traction and distraction.

As Nir articulates in “Indistractable” the root causes of our distraction are more than our mobile devices.  All motivation is a desire to escape discomfort, and anything that stops discomfort is potentially addictive, but that does not make it irresistible.

Time management is pain management – distractions cost us time, and like all actions, they are spurred by the desire to escape discomfort. Our tendencies toward boredom, negativity bias, rumination and hedonic adaptation conspire to make sure we’re never satisfied for long.

If you want to master your internal triggers you will want to listen to this compelling interview with author Nir Eyal. His book will teach you techniques to master distraction and become more focused. You can also receive his no-cost supplemental when you purchase his book. This 80 page PDF is a wonderful addition to the book with exercises to learn now to become Indistractable.

I hope you enjoy this fascinating interview with a behavioral scientist and author that can change your life forever.  Click here to see a talk that Nir did at the Habit Summit.

You can also visit his website by clicking here.

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