Podcast 763: Things No One Else Can Teach Us with Humble The Poet

I recently had the pleasure of interview a very wise author by the name of Humble the Poet. This is my second interview with Humble about his second book entitled “Things No One Else Can Teach Us“.  As Humble states ” Everyone of us endures setbacks, disappointments, and failures that can incapacitate us. But we don’t have to let them. Instead we can use these event as opportunities for growth”.

The lessons taught in this new book are invaluable, and the way that Humble writes about the lessons and weaves in his own personal real life experiences help the reader relate. We all have lessons, the question we should ask ourselves is what are we learning and how do we prevent from repeating the unfortunate events or circumstances in our life.

As we enter this New Year, we all set resolutions and or goals. We have aspiration to become better as something — health, relationships, finances… and if we look at our previous lessons, we will see opportunities to become better at something and change our patterns. Just remember that our life here on this planet is impermanent so don’t be so hard on yourself. “Remember that the people in our lives won’t be here forever is the best way to motivate us to be as wonderful to them as possible, while they’re still here”– states Humble the Poet.

I hope you enjoy this honest interview with Humble the Poet about his new book “Things No One Else Can Teach Us“.  His wisdom is invaluable, and the stories he tells in this interview can awaken you to ways you can lead your life in a more sincere and genuine way.

If you want to learn more about Humble the Poet, please click here to be directed to his website.

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