Podcast 729: Quiet Mind, Epic Life with Matthew Ferry

“A quiet mind is a peaceful mind not burdened by negative chatter and unwanted interruptions. A quiet mind if the platform for creating an epic life, states Matthew Ferry the author of a new book entitled “Quiet Mind, Epic Life.

Many of us are in search for a more peaceful and abundant life, but frequently find that the traditional rhetoric that is espoused by personal growth gurus is not helping us get any closer to our desired state of consciousness. Author Matthew Ferry helps his readers and coaching clients attain what he refers to as the “Rapid Enlightenment Process” – “Enlightenment is not a religion, enlightenment is a mindset, it’s a very practical way of looking at the world that makes fearlessness possible. When you see see that the source of life within you is also the source of life in everyone and everything else, then you see that we are all one thing expressing itself with infinite variety…the only thing that makes us different is our perspective about it. Once you realize this you will have an awakening!”

Enlightenment is the state of consciousness where Quiet Mind, Epic Life exists. The Rapid Enlightenment Process is a series of contextual shifts that destroy cultural conditioning, limiting dogma and unexamined beliefs and replaces them with new enlightened dogma aka Enlightened Perspectives. If you are seeking for a better way to quiet your mind and live the epic life you deserve, then you will want to listen to the engaging and informative interview with Matthew Ferry.

If you want to learn more about Matthew Ferry and his new book “Quiet Mind, Epic Life” then visit his website here. Matthew is so certain about what he has developed that you can take advantage of his free book offer by clicking here, all you have to pay is the cost of shipping.


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