Podcast 705: Great Leaders Have No Rules with Kevin Kruse

If you are looking for some contrarian leadership principles to transform your teams and business, then this podcast with author Kevin Kruse is a must listen to.  Kevin and I discuss many of his simple but practical principles that are articulated in his new book ” Great Leaders Have No Rules.”

This book is filled with wonderful stories that exemplify the principles in the book such as “Close Your Open Door Policy” and “Crowd Your Calendar”.  While these might sound a bit contrarian they are used by some of the greatest leaders like Mike Krzyzewski the greatest basketball coach of all time for Duke University Blue Devils, and Dina Dwyer-Owens the co-chairwoman of the Dwyer Group a company with eleven franchise brands doing over a billion dollars of annual revenue.  In my interview with Kevin you will get a glimpse into how you can lead with no rules, while still achieving great success within your organization.

The hierarchical command-and-control structure, where information flowed up and decisions flowed down, made sense when the world moved at a slower pace. And in that environment, where competing for resources was a zero-sum game, one’s individual career could advance by withholding information from others.  In today’s world it is marked by VUCA-volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity-organizations that survive and thrive are the ones that adapt to the changing environment in real time.

Great Leaders Have No Rules, are the kind of leaders that survive and thrive in our current environment and rules are not a necessity to survive and have a great culture.

I hope you enjoy this interview with Kevin Kruse.  If you want to learn more about Kevin and take advantage of his bonuses please click here to get your free downloads.  I hope you enjoy this great interview with a thought leader in the field of leadership.

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