Nancy AndersonThis is my second interview with author Nancy Anderson. In this interview I speak with Nancy about “Work with Passion” a book she first wrote in 1984.  Her new and revised edition is now out, and the content has been updated and I must say is one of the best book available for anyone wanting to find “How To Do What You Love for A Living”

I think more than ever people are attempting to find work that is congruent with their values and has meaning.  What I truly appreciate about the books that Nancy has written on the subject of career path is that they are all focused on finding passion and the work that you love.

Nancy guides the reader through a very unique and revealing process as they read, write and reflect on their perfect career.  She starts her book off with questions that are designed to help you explore and find your passion.  As Nancy states ” To find the right work you need to know what you feel as well as what you think, since your feelings tell you what you value.  Feeling is not the abdication of thinking; on the contrary people who do not feel make dreadful errors of judgement.  Taking time to integrate your thoughts and feelings is how you get to know yourself, what is unique about you, you weaknesses as well as your strengths.

When you know what you want you have the courage to go after it, your mind and feelings work as a team to help you accomplish your objective. As with any search you have to know the right key words.  Your feelings provide your mind with these key words, since your feelings reflect what you really want.  The mind then goes after the goal following a logical, step-by-step process.

I personally believe that many of us spend our lives attempting to find a vocation that matches our values and has meaning.  Finding work that we love is truly a tricky combination of personal exploration and reflection as well as clearly defining our values.  Nancy mentions that loves power not only remodels your values, it also alters the values of those who receive your love.  In spite of what you experienced in the past you can decide to give love freely right now, even if you are not yet in the perfect job.  Loving without expecting a return will speed up the process of finding the work you want to do.  You don’t have to do anything you hate—you can choose to do the work you love to do.  That is power

If for any reason you are searching for the right vocation, then I would highly recommend reading Nancy Anderson newly revised edition of “Work with Passion“.  Also if you would like more information about Nancy and her services you can click here to be directed to her website.


I hope you enjoy this lively interview with one of my favorite authors Nancy Anderson.

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