Podcast 348: Crazy Little Thing, Why Love and Sex Drive Us Mad with Liz Langley

Liz LangleyIn my interview with author Liz Langley about her recently released book entitled ” Crazy Little Thing, Why Love and Sex Drive Us Mad“, Liz explains that love and sex are associated with the brain chemistry and the release of certain chemicals that can literally drive us mad.

Liz cites a book entitled ” Why We Love:  The Nature and Chemistry of Romantic Love by Dr. Helen Fisher in the research she completed to write her book–romantic love is an addictive drug compared to cocaine, but it is one that we need for the survival, health and happiness of the species.  When the research was completed  using fMRI machines the results were that the blood flow within the brain became highly activated at during times of arousal , and the chemicals being released are were dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin all components of romantic live.

As Liz states in “Crazy Little Thing, Why Love and Sex Drive Us Mad”  “For humans, or sexual template evolved beyond reproduction.  That’s the part that people need to get: our template includes nonreproductive reason to have sex”.  Most animals, in fact, only have sex during the limited time that the female is ovulating; the constant ability to do it–the ” ability to copulate throughout the monthly cycle” that triggered Dr. Helen Fisher’s study of female sexuality—is pretty rare among animals. In fact only bonobos and humans use sex for all reasons.

Liz Langley’s new book is filled with stories about people, love and the crazy acts that are committed over love.  I must state that Liz really completed her homework while writing this book, not only does she cite numerous experts and studies that were conducted on the subject of love, sex and romance but she compiled compelling stories that really drive home the bizarre things we will do while crazy in love.


I recommend Liz’s book if you are interested in learning what makes you tic, as well as wanting to understand more about the often complicated activities of your brain while under the influence of romantic love.

To learn more about Liz please click here to be directed to her website or you can click here to watch a short video introduction about the book. Enjoy this wonderful interview with Liz Langley.

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