Podcast 874: Rogue Waves: Future-Proof Your Business to Survive and Profit from Radical Change with Jonathan Brill

We live in a world where things are moving very quickly, and we are experiencing a tremendous change in our lives and businesses.  My guest on this podcast Jonathan Brill is a futurist and has written a new book entitled “Rogue Waves, Future-Proof Your Business to Survive & Profit from Radical Change.” 

In this podcast with Jonathan, we discuss the many factors that can create rogue waves that would affect your business adversely.  At this moment, rogue waves are forming under your business. Emerging technologies, changing demographics, the data economy, automation, and other trends are undercurrents of radical, systemic change–crashing into each other.  When they converge, they’ll produce sea changes that sink companies and wash away entire industries overnight.  If your competitor can’t ride out the next wave and you can, you win.

If you are interested in creating a practical action plan the would include: 1) identifying and capitalize on the 10 economic, technological, and social trends that will collide to reshape your business. 2) Create a culture of entrepreneurship and experimentation. 3) Build and scale leadership skills and processes to supercharge your company’s agility and adaptability–then you will want to listen to this engaging and inspiring interview with author and futurist Jonathan Brill.

Jonathan speaks about ‘resilient growth strategies” and breaks them down into the ABC’s which stand for 1) Awareness 2) Behavior and Culture.

With these three competencies, business leaders can transform massive change into outsized opportunities as deftly as most admired business icons of our generation.

To learn more about Jonathan Brill and this new book ” Rogue Waves” please click here to be directed to his website.

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