Podcast 873: The Calling: Why Healthcare Is So Special with Quint Studer

I am not certain how many of you have seen the television show “The Nurses“, but it is in my estimation a great depiction of a day in the life of healthcare workers. What nurses, physicians, and EMTs do daily is exceptional, and the emotional toll that it takes on their lives can be challenging to deal with.  Anyone who dedicates themselves to being a healthcare worker is probably doing their job because it is a “calling”.

In this podcast with author/speaker and entrepreneur Quint Studer, we discuss his new book “The Calling Why Healthcare Is So Special”  Quint states “That Healthcare is an emotional roller coaster and we can drain our emotional bank accounts. We go up and down because the work that healthcare workers perform has its ups and downs. One minute we can be saving a life, and the next minute we can be telling someone they’re losing a loved one.”

This book is about keeping the emotional bank account full and filling it back up.  Healthcare is loaded with people that have answered the calling, and they did not get into the profession for the money.  They didn’t get into healthcare for a balanced life, nor for easy work hours.  They were called into healthcare for their strong desire to be helpful and useful.

The Calling” is filled with great stories about healthcare workers as well it addresses both the administrative side of the business as well as how healthcare workers can learn how to keep your emotional bank account full– especially in light of the tsunami of patients being cared for because of the COVID pandemic.

If you are in healthcare, then this book is a must-read, and if you aren’t it is a great read on how in a difficult situation to keep your emotional bank account full.  To order the book you need to click here, and to learn more about Quint’s organization “The Gratitude Group” please click here to be linked to his website.

I hope you enjoy the engaging and heartfelt interview with Quint Studer author, speaker, coach, and entrepreneur.

Happy listening.

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