Podcast 802 : The Transformation- Discovering Wholeness and Healing After Trauma with Dr. James Gordon

We are honored to have a returning guest author Dr. James Gordon.  His work worldwide has been healing others who have experienced trauma in their lives, and he is the founder of “The Center for Mind-Body Medicine” in Washington DC.

As Dr. Gordon states ” Trauma comes, sooner or later, to all of us. In a recent government survey, 60 percent of US adults said that as children they had experienced significant abuse and /or neglect.  Studies of adverse childhood experiences (ACE’s) in the 1990s reported that more than a quarter of the middle-class, well-educated, and financially secure Americans who were surveyed were as children “often or very often hit…so hard that (they) had marks or were injured”

In this interview with Dr. Gordon, we discuss the issues of trauma as well as how he suggests you can overcome these emotional scars and move on with your life in a quote “normal” manner.  I encourage you to listen to this podcast if at any time in your life you had to deal with any trauma.

You can learn more about “The Center for Mind-Body Medicine” and its training program by clicking here.  If you want to learn more about Dr. Gordon just click here, or for a brief video introduction to “The Center for Mind-Body Medicine” please click here. 

I hope you enjoy the engaging and informative interview with the physician, author, and thought leader in the area of trauma Dr. James Gordon MD.

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