Podcast 801: Project Heaven on Earth: The 3 simple questions that will help you change the world … easily with Martin Rutte

Imagine being given a magic wand and with it, you can create Heaven on Earth.  Wouldn’t you want to not only lessen the number of wars in the world bu really end all wars? And wouldn’t you want to do the same with hunger, poverty, homelessness, crime, addiction, abuse, and so on and on?  Most likely the vast majority of my listeners would want to do that.

I want to welcome to Inside Personal Growth guest author Martin Rutte, the author of a new book entitled ” Project Heaven on Earth-Three Simple Questions That Will Help You Change the World—-Easily.”  In our interview together Martin speaks about the three questions that you need to ask yourself to reimagine a world with less disease, illness, poverty, war, and just overall injustice.

Those questions are: 1) Recall a time when you experienced Heaven On Earth. What was happening?  2) Imagine you have a magic wand and with it, you can create Heaven on Earth. What is heaven on Earth for you? 3) What simple, easy, concrete step(s) will you take in the next 24 hours to make Heaven on Earth real?

I encourage you to listen to this engaging and compassionate interview with Martin Rutte the author of “Project Heaven on Earth”  You can gain access to his free online course by clicking here to go to his website. 

If you want to watch an introduction video about Heaven on Earth, please click here.  Enjoy this wonderful interview with author Martin Rutte.

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