Podcast 779: The Shapeshifter: A Tale from Glitter to Light Book with Claudia Navone

The most profound thing I can say about my interview with Claudia Navone is she has had the opportunity to experience a very special spiritual awakening and journey. Her new book entitled “The Shapeshifter-A Tale from Glitter to Light” is a personal biography about this wonderfully written story about her life and experience going from high fashion to a profound teacher of spiritual wisdom.

Claudia from a very early age knew that she was gifted and had the ability to see the unseen and made contact with Spirit.  As she states ” Ultimately we all are multidimensional beings and Planet Earth is only one of the many dimensions, a world inside many other worlds, and reality inside multiple realities. It is the raising and expansion of our consciousness that takes us beyond the facade of this reality, opening doors to the otherwise hidden Dimension of Light for us so that we may obtain the endless gifts of love and wisdom. The more our consciousness is expanded, the more we can travel in these different dimensions and receive the sacred teachings that, after a very long time, are finally coming back to us all.”

If you are interested in reading a book that could truly shift your consciousness and expand your spiritual connections, then I would highly recommend that you read “The Shapeshifter-A Tale From Glitter to Light“.

If you want to learn more about Claudia and her teaching through Divine University then click here to be directed to the website.  You can also follow Claudia on her Instagram see a great interview with Claudia on YouTube about her book.

I hope you enjoy this very lively and fascinating story about one person’s journey on the spiritual path.


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