Podcast 780: Living In A Real-Time World with Jim Selman

There is probably not a person on this planet that isn’t questioning their life right now due to the recent outbreak of the Covid19 pandemic.  As part of our personal introspection, we are questioning at our core–life and death, and our emotions of fear and anxiety

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Jim Selman the author of a new book entitled ” Living in a Real-Time World-6 Capabilities to Prepare Us for an Unimaginable Future“.  At the time Jim wrote “Living in a Real-Time World” he had no knowledge about the pandemic, but the wisdom of this book really helps to put our current situation into perspective.

As Jim states ” I believe we are in a midst of a global transformation, a planetary-wide paradigm shift in which we are changing ourselves and our relationship to our reality.”  Our “world” today is no longer changing slowly over time.  We live in a dynamic real-time world in which living in the present is no longer a choice reserved for those who which to pursue a particular spiritual path or lifestyle.  Whether we like it or not, we are all learning how to navigate this paradigm and coordinate with others–learning how to live our lives, survive, and not become obsolete–in real-time”

In this book Jim Selman provides the reader with the six capabilities that will be needed to navigate in the real-time world and they are 1) accepting: the art of surrender 2) being: the art of context 3) listening: the art of mastering moods 4) communicating: the art of relating 5) appropriating: the art of situational learning 6) caring: the art of love.

If you want to learn more about “Living in a Real-Time World” I would recommend visiting Jims’ website by clicking here.  You can also download a no-cost chapter of the book for your review, and access video interviews with Jim.

Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy this thought-provoking interview with author and thought leader Jim Selman.


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