Podcast 760: All You Have To Do Is Ask with Wayne Baker

How many of you reading this blog have at one time or another been afraid to ask for help or assistance?  Many of us don’t feel good about asking, and we think is shows a sign of weakness, but nothing further could be from the truth as our guest author Wayne Baker explains in his new book entitled ” All You Have To Do Is Ask-How To Master the Most Important Skills for Success

As Wayne states “You never know what people know –or who they know– until you ask”. In the workplace, asking for help can mean the difference between success and failure. This isn’t anecdotal: in fact, research has revealed a number of proven benefits:

1) Higher job performance and satisfaction

2) New-hire success

3) Finding jobs – or talent for job openings

4) Learning and professional development

5) Creativity and Innovation

6) Managing Stress 

7) Team performance

8) Cost reduction — just to name a few benefits

Help seeking improves operational efficiencies because it allows us to find and obtain information, labor, and capital more quickly and reduces duplication of effort. It accelerates the use and flow of an organization’s resources. And people are more productive when they don’t waste time-mental energy-by struggling to long on a problem or task before asking for assistance.

I know you are going to receive tremendous benefit from listening to this interview with Wayne Baker author of “All You Have To Do Is Ask“.  You can learn more about his free assessment and the book by clicking here.  I hope you enjoy this engaging and informative interview with author Wayne Baker.

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