Podcast 748: Trusted Healers with Dan Pelino

I don’t believe that anyone would have a tough time agreeing that the healthcare system in the United States is in need of reinvention — and that is putting it mildly. While we have great healthcare, we certainly do not rank anywhere near the top. Finland is first, Norway is second and Sweden is third according to a report entitled “Best Healthcare in the World 2019” ranked by population size.

In my interview with author and healthcare crusader Dan Pelino we speak about his new book entitled “Trusted Healers“.  I was fascinated by the book and the story of Dr. Paul Grundy who is on a crusade to save healthcare as well.

Trusted Healers” recognizes that the most important healthcare decision you can make is at your fingertips. This one powerful idea could well be the panacea for the healthcare crisis in many nations. As the fate of healthcare is debated in the United States and abroad, discussions over accessibility, and the affordability, dominate. In “Trusted Healers” Dan Pelino shows us what is really needed is a trusted healer in a medical home for everyone, for life. The results will yield better care at lower costs and become the gold standard fo all of us.

If America fails to create something strong in the long term, we will always see a short-term fix approach to things, states Dan.  “We need transformation–not a patchwork attempt to stop the bleeding.” If you are interested in learning how our healthcare system can be reformed, then please listen to this very informative interview with author Dan Pelino discussing his new book “Trusted Healers“.

You also can learn more about Dan by clicking here to be directed to his website.  Thanks for listening, I hope you enjoy this wonderful interview.

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