Podcast 738: Start Finishing with Charlie Gilkey

I would bet that there is not a person that listens to my podcasts that is not interested in being more productive.  The bigger question to be asked is what does being productive mean to you?  Is is working toward your purpose in life or checking off more of the to-do items on your daily list of things to do.

In my recent interview with author Charlie Gilkey about his new book entitled “Start Finishing-How to Go From Idea to Done” we discuss his solutions for not only staying on purpose, but getting your projects completed while maintaining a sense of simplicity and ease.

Charlie speak about your “best work” and that doing your best work neither requires you to selfishly do whatever you most want to do, nor  to be a lifelong martyr in service to other people’s needs.  It’s as if we all have some kind of tree that we’re somehow wired to enjoy planting. Your best work uniquely serves you by planting that tree and by the fruit it yields while simultaneously serving other by your doing so.”

Charlie states that there are five keys to doing our best work: intention, awareness, boundaries, courage and discipline.  These five keys can be cultivated through practices and we’re often well-cultivated in some but not others.  The more you practice the keys, the easier it will be to start finishing your best work and thrive. The keys are the obstacle and the way to your best work, depending on what you choose to practice.

If you are like me and have too many projects and frequently need direction, focus and support then listening to Charlie in our podcast about his new book “Start Finishing-How to Go From Idea to Done” will really set you on the right path.  You also will want to visit his website which is filled with free downloads, tools and videos about how Charlie can help you “Start Finishing“.

Click here to be directed to Charlie’s website at ProductiveFlourishing.com.

I know you are going to enjoy this engaging and informative interview with author and productivity guru Charlie Gilkey.


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