Podcast 715: Decisive Intuition with Rick Snyder

Intuition is always something that I have had a interest in developing more keenly. I believe it is a sense we have been gifted with, that when tapped into can help us make critical decisions in our life.

In my recent interview with Rick Snyder the author of “Decisive Intuition-Use Your Gut Instincts to Make Smart Business Decisions” we discussed in this podcast the importance of developing your intuition.   In the business world we are increasingly relying on data to make our biggest decisions, including hiring, growth, product development, and sales. Rick believes that we need not just rely on just big data to make our decisions, but include our sense of intuition.

In this interview Rick and I discuss the six steps process that is outlined in the book to help business executives harness their intuition.  We also discuss the five (5) roadblocks that get in the way of accessing our intuitive intelligence and how to overcome them. “Decisive Intuition” is a practical guide which includes exercises that managers and their teams can implement to harness intuition and grow the most underdeveloped skill set in today’s business world. Rick refers to organizations that have developed the organizational intuition as having the invisible edge, because they are using intuitive skills in every aspect of their business to make sound decisions.

If you are interested in learning more about Rick Snyder and his organization Invisible Edge, please visit his website. You will also find more information about this new book as well as how Rick can help your firm develop this underdeveloped skill – intuition.

Thanks for listening, and enjoy this podcast with author and thought leader on developing intuition.

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