Podcast 714 Limitless with Laura Gassner Otting

Do you feel stuck and can’t seem to get out of the rut you created for yourself?  The reality is the we are Limitless, and all is takes is for us to realize our own potential.

In my recent interview with Laura Gassner Otting about her new book entitled “Limitless-How to Ignore Everybody, Carve Your Own Path, and Live Your Best Life” we discuss her solutions for getting out of a rut and getting unstuck.  According to Laura “Consonance” is the issue, and she has four element of consonance.  Consonance is the sense of frictionless belonging, of momentous stride, of core relevance.  It is a guiding force that reveals how your work contributes to your overall life’s plan.

There are four elements to have consonance are calling, connection, contribution and control.  Calling is the gravitational pull towards a goal larger than yourself. Connections gives you sightlines into how your everyday work serves that calling. Contribution means that you understand how this job, this brand, this paycheck contributes to the community to which you belong. Control, reflects how you are able to influence your connection to that calling in order to have some say in the assignment of projects, deadlines, colleagues, and clients;offer input into shared goals; and do work that contributes to your career trajectory and earnings.

In this interview Laura and I discuss how working on these four element creates alignment and will create an opportunity to reach your highest potential.  If you want to learn more about Laura and her new book “Limitless” just click here.  You can also take a free Limitless Quiz which will provide you with information on how to get unstuck.

I hope you enjoy the great interview with author Laura Gassner Otting.



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