Podcast 713 Growing Influence with Ron Price and Stacy Ennis

Are you ready to listen to a really compelling story about leadership and business?  Do you like learning through the fiction, and like becoming engaged with a great story?

In my interview with Ron Price and Stacy Ennis the authors of a new book entitled “Growing Influence” you learn about how to become a great leader and to increase your influence by hearing Emily’s story about her mentorship by a character named David, who is a retired CEO that she meets in a coffee shop.

Through the course of the book, David teaches Emily much about influence and leadership. David provides practical advice on how to develop leadership skills that are both impactful and transformative.  If you want to take a check of your own values, and how you might do a better job of influencing others that work with you then you will want to listen to our podcast.

If you want more information about “Growing Influence” please click here to be directed to the book landing page.  If you want to learn more about Ron Price and Stacy Ennis the authors of “Growing Influence” then click here.

I hope you enjoy this great interview with Ron and Stacy.

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