Podcast 696: The Culture Question with Wendy Loewen

If you have been tracking employee engagement then you know that our nations levels of employee engagement are continuing to increase.  Since we have been measuring engagement, we are now at 34% of the employees who are enthusiastic and committed to their workplace, up from a low of 16.5%.

In my recent interview with author and consultant Wendy Loewen we speak about her new book entitled ” The Culture Question-How to Create a Workplace Where People Like to Work.”  According to Wendy to build and energized, motivated workforce requires changing the behaviors that are associated with authoritarian, command and control structures to those that encourage employees to use their own judgement and exercise autonomy.

Shifting your organization culture is not the easiest thing to accomplish, but in Wendy’s new book “The Culture Question” Wendy and her co-authors from Achieve Centre inform the readers on some of the six key elements that make up the roadmap for transforming the workplace.  Some of those elements are 1) communicating purpose and values 2) providing meaningful work 3) focusing leadership on people 4) building meaningful relationships 5) creating peak performing teams 6) practicing constructive conflict management.

I hope enjoy my interview with author and consultant Wendy Loewen as we explore the big questions regarding cultural transformation and employee engagement.

If you want to learn more about Wendy please click here to be directed to the Achieve website.  You can also obtain a copy of “The Culture Question” by clicking here to be directed to Amazon.

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