Podcast 685: Relationship Magic-Waking Up Together with Guy Finley

The essence of life is how well we get along with others.  In my interview with author Guy Finley about his new book “Relationship Magic” we explore the importance of building and maintaining good loving relationships.

It does not matter if it is your significant other, a co-worker, or a sibling how we look at and respond to others while in that relationship will determine the meaning and significance we place on sustaining that or any relationship. We have all had our buttons pushed by others but it is how we react to our buttons being pushed that really determines our relationship with self and others.

As Guy states “If it weren’t’ for what the other person manifests, that so stirs up in us what it does, we would have never known the truth that now sets us free: what we’ve really been running from, all along, is the fear of our own negative reaction, and how easily that wave of anger or resentment can carry us away.  Seeing this as true give us the strength to properly step up and challenge not only what we’ve taken to be our “tormentor”, but also parts of yourself so easily given to feel tormented. ”

We all have choices, and reacting to something said about us will just take you deeper into the negative.  Attempt to see your relationship from the others point of view, stop and take time to evaluate before responding, listen and make sure you are being heard.  Relationship Magic is as much about you evaluating your own inner feeling and emotions as it is being an observer of your relationships.  It is the differences between you and your partner that help perfect both of you-not only as lovers and friends, but also as individuals.

If you want to learn more about “Relationship Magic” please click the book title to be taken to the book website.  You can also learn more about Guy Finley by going to the Life of Learning Foundation website by clicking on the link.  I hope you enjoy the great interview with author and spiritual guide Guy Finley.

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