Podcast 686: Crave Reset with Dr. Elena Zinkov ND

We all certainly have craving for foods that we like and give us pleasure to eat, but how do these cravings work and how can we curb or eliminate these cravings.

In my interview with Dr. Elena Zinkov ND we discuss her new book “Crave Reset-A Breakthrough Guide to Mastering the Psychology and Physiology of Cravings.”  As Elena states ” An unhealthy relationship with food is formed over time.  You usually don’t see it as a bad habit until it starts to have a negative impact on health: increased weight, anxiety, digestive issues, skin breakouts, and fatigue. Genetically some people have a predisposition to crave certain foods.  From a evolutionary perspective, humans are driven to seek out pleasure and avoid pain, and food can create pleasure instantly while temporarily numbing the pain.  Physiologically, people can experience a neurochemical or hormone imbalance that can impact decision around food, which I frequently see in women with thyroid and adrenal dysfunction or people with serotonin deficiency.  Food cravings are a combination of biological, genetic, evolutionary and environmental causes, and not just what you eat or don’t eat.”

Inattentional blindness is often the culprit of our decisions around food. In other words where does your attention go when grocery shopping or in the buffet.  Do you focus on the plethora of healthy options or on what will provide instant gratification?

In my interview with Dr. Elena Zinkov ND about her new book “Crave Reset” you will learn what causes your cravings and how to reduce them or turn them off.  If you want more information about Dr. Zinkov you can click here to be directed to her website where you will find a no-cost download on sugar cravings.

I encourage to visit her website and download the free book, you can also read blog entries about food cravings and healthy eating.

I hope you enjoy my interview with Dr. Elena Zinkov ND about food cravings and how to eliminate them.



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