Podcast 683: The Expertise Economy with Kelly Palmer

Hopefully everyone who listens to my podcasts enjoy engaging in the learning process, and that you do it for fun, entertainment and because you are curious.  Curiosity is probably the number one reason people want to engage in the learning process,  they want to explore the new and exciting world of the unexplored.

In my interview with author Kelly Palmer we discuss the topic of learning and the edge it provide organizations in her new book co-authored with David Blake entitled ” The Expertise Economy-How the Smartest Companies Use Learning to Engage, Compete and Succeed.”  

“The pace at which the future of work is changing continues to accelerate, and companies that fail to adapt remain at risk”. states Palmer.  ” Gone are the days when a four-year degree guarantees job security and the skills to stay relevant for an entire career.”

In my interview with Kelly we discuss some of the seven guiding principles to help build the skills that are critical to an organization’s success, now and in the future.  Some of those principles are:

  • Making learning a competitive advantage: Companies that build a culture where learning is part of the overall strategy-and sometimes that people love and want to do-will have a clear advantage.
  • Embracing personalized learning: Technology enables personalized learning, a key factor in helping people integrate learning with their own work.
  • Combat content overload:  Curate the abundance of learning resources available to help employees learn what they need, when they need it.

If you are attempting to evolve and develop the learning environment within your organization then this interview with Kelly Palmer about her new book “The Expertise Economy” is a must listen!

If you want more information about the book please click here to be directed to the book website, or click here to learn more about the author and her company Degreed.


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