Podcast 668: Workplace Genie with Susan Dowell

How many of you have every had difficulty communicating with a co-worker or your boss?  It happens all the time, and miscommunications result in loss of effectiveness, efficiency and unresolved conflict.

In my interview with Susan Dowell the co-author of a new book entitled “Workplace Genie” we discuss the importance of role playing so that we can see the other persons point of view, allowing for better communications and greater levels of empathy.  Workplace Genie is a unconventional tool kit of ideas and ways you can approach the challenges you are faced with, and resolve those issue with greater speed and ease-with effective resolutions.

Improving our interpersonal skills is at the top of the list for employers, because over 75% of the employees that leave the workplace do so because of because they could not get along with their bosses.  These statistics are preventable say Susan and the techniques and behavioral modifications that are required are not difficult to learn and practice.

Some of the basis principles are: 1) Believe everything you tell yourself. 2) Don’t be blinded or distracted by your emotions and personal patterns in dealing with other people 3) Critically examine the situation that challenge you 4) Recognize that you-and everyone else-has more than one self, buy many. 5) Believe that you have the power to take the lead and make things happen.

Please listen to this informative and podcast about “Workplace Genie” with co-author and psychotherapist  Susan Dowell.

You can also learn more about the book by clicking here to be directed to Amazon. Enjoy this podcast with co-author Susan Dowell.


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