Michael BosworthI had the pleasure of interviewing Mike Bosworth, a personal friend and someone who is always on the cutting edge innovating around sales and selling.  His new book “What Great Salespeople Do” really hits at the heart of selling as far as I am concerned.  It is about the emotional connection and the power of story.

I know that many of you who are in sales might think that you are really good at connecting with your customer or prospect, but what Mike and Ben reveal in their new book really can transform the way you sell and connect with your clients.

As long as I can remember we have been using stories to convey wisdom from generation to generation.  And in some respect, that is what great salespeople do.  They know how and when to use compelling stories to connect with their clients and prospects.

In “What Great Salespeople Do” you will learn how to : 1) relax a buyer’s skepticism while activating the part of his or her brain where trust is formed and connectons are forged. 2) use the power of story to influence buyers to change 3) make your ideas, beliefs and experiences “storiable” using a proven story structure 4) build a personal inventory of stories to use throughout your sales cycle 5) tell your stories with authenticity and real passion.

This new book is truly groundbreaking and will help the experienced storyteller as well as the novice, begin to convey their stories with convection and authenticity which is the foundation of making a deep emotional and personal connection with their clients and prospects.  You will also learn the importance of empathic listening which embodies, awareness, encouragement and reflection which is a big key in getting the agreement of the buyer.

When I say this is a hugh leap for the sales industry, that is an understatement.  Gone are the days of programmed selling and thank God for the wonderful heartfelt approach that Mike and Ben are teaching in “What Great Salespeople Do“.
I hope you enjoy this wonderful interview with Mike Bosworth—if you want to learn more about his company Story Leaders please click here to learn more.

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