Sallie FeltonIt is the beginning of a New Year for everyone, and if you are like me it is time to do some house cleaning.  I have known Sallie Felton author of “Why Can’t I Get Rid of this Clutter” for sometime, what I did not know that she is known at the clutter coach.

In my interview with Sallie  about her new book “Why Can’t I Get Rid of This Clutter” she provides sound practical advice for anyone looking to find the top of their desk, to cleaning out all of that stuff that has been hanging around collecting dust and zapping our psychic energy.  As Sallie states in her book clutter show up in our lives in three ways–mentally, physically and emotionally. Each area plays an important role in our well-being and none of them stand alone.

Mental clutter show us and is a recipe for an over-stressed, over scheduled, and over exhausted and over stimulated self. Throw all of these request, demands and obligation into the blender, puree at hight speed and whats’ the result? Dis-ease. Mental, physical and emotional stress have to go somewhere and if we don’t find outlets for them, we’ll direct them inward.

Physical clutter is the one we think of when we hear the word.  It is all that VISIBLE stuff that piles up around us and take over our work and living space.  Physical clutter affects different people in different ways.  Spend a few moments thinking about how you react to it.  What happens when you take a good look at all the stuff?  Do you feel a pit from in your stomach?  Does it grate on your nerves.  No matter how you feel inside, the physical stuff interferes with our productivity, clarity of mind and focus.

Emotional clutter comes straight from the heart.  It includes the feelings surrounding past and present issues we haven’t yet processed, worked through, nurtured or release. Emotional clutter is judgment, expectation, unresolved conflicts and self-defeating behaviors, like perfectionism.

If you are starting your New Year off with physical, emotional, or mental clutter then you owe it to yourself to listen to this podcast with Sallie Felton.  I highly recommend her book as well you can get lots of tips from her website by clicking here.

You can see Sallie Felton in action at YouTube by clicking here or  Enjoy this great interview with a woman who can really help us all get our acts together.

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