Podcast 271: The Sales Messenger with Mary Anne Davis

Mary Anne Davis

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Mary Anne Davis the author of a new book entitled ” The Sales Messager“.  If you are involved in the sales profession then you will certainly want to listen to this podcast from Mary Anne which has a practical message that will improve your sales performance.

We speak about the fundamental habit of “planning your work and working your plan”.  There is not a salesperson who does not know just how important this simple yet what seemingly can feel like a monumental task.  Planning your day and time is probably one of the most important fundamental tasks that a salesperson and has the highest payoff.  Mary Anne talks with me about the use of color coding your calendar, using Green, Red, Blue and Orange to indicate the specific activities that one will perform on specific days.  Our dialogue together reminded me of something that I was taught to do sometime ago, but had stopped doing for some reason—and I need to get back to it, for it really works.

The sales process is mades up of many different elements, and Mary Anne has specific advice about answering objectives, developing qualifying questions, looking at the pain/problem and remedy/solution. A very important element of the sales process is in developing qualifying questions, it has been said that the salesperson that can qualify his or her prospects through the use of good qualifying questions will most likely be miles ahead of his or her competition for they know the prospects needs.    If the salesperson is able to get his or her prospect to trust them, and engage in answering the qualifying questions they can find out the pain/problem and identify the remedy/solution that their product or service will provide.    Even if the sale is not made, the opportunity to ask for referrals and get them is highly likely due to the time and energy they put into developing the relationship with the prospect.

If you are a seasoned veteran  or a new salesperson just getting started, I can highly recommend Mary Anne’s new book “The Sales Messenger“.  The message is one that any salesperson could hear a thousand times, and each time you read it you most likely would be reminded of things you can do to make yourself a better person, and is so doing become a better salesperson.

Please click here to be directed to her website for more information about the book.  Enjoy this interview with a seasoned sales master!!!!

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