Podcast 201: The Spark The Flame and The Torch with Lance Secretan

Lance Secretan It was my distinct honor to do this podcast with Lance Secretan.  This is my second interview with Lance since we first met over six years ago at a Spirit in Business conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  I have always admired Lance’s style and inspiring presentations.  If you want to be inspired then I encourage you to read his new book entitled, “The Spark the Flame and the Torch-Inspire Self, Inspire Others, Inspire the World.

Lance is certainly a man on a mission, and his new book will ignite the Spark within you.  The premise of this book is that all inspired and inspiring people-including leaders–have deep inner clarity about three of life’s great questions:

1) What is the purpose of my life?

2) How will I inspire and lead?

3) How will create and share my wisdom and create a legacy?

Believe me if every soul on this planet could wrap their minds and hearts around these three questions our collective world would be a better place.

The Spark, the Flame and the Torch is a manual for life and work–and a guide to transforming every aspect of our personal and organizational lives into inspiring experiences. As we discuss in our interview together, we are emerging from the dark era of leadership.  Between 1987 and 2009 the level of job satisfaction plummeted from a satisfaction level of 61% to 45%, and the numbers of people who found their work interesting dropped from 70% to 51%.  In my interview with Lance he provides insight into why this is happening, and articulates steps we can take personally as well as leaders to improve these statistics.

There is no denying that as I write this blog entry we are in the middle of a recession, and a relatively protracted one at that.  People are hurting financially, spiritually and emotionally.  As reported by Time Magazine we are emerging from the “Decade From Hell”.  No doubt we are yearning for a brighter future with more meaning and fulfillment.   If you are ready to embark on this personal transformation to a better life, then you will want to read Lance’s new book ” The Spark, the Flame and the Torch“.

I encourage you to visit Lance’s website and take his PLEDGE to become an inspiring person.  His website is loaded with references, sample chapters and discussion groups.

Please click here to be directed to his website.  Enjoy this wonderful interview with a very wise man.

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