Podcast 919: Moneyfulness: Learning to Live with Money with Michael Keet

My guest for this podcast is Michael Keet and he is the author of a new book entitled Moneyfulness®: Learning to Live with Money.

Michael has a combined 25 years of experience in finance and four years of expertise in mindfulness training. With this, he created a unique program which helps people learn to live with money, more money, and less stress.

HIs book, Moneyfulness®: Learning to Live with Money, tackles a unique combination of financial and mindfulness insight to address the heart of money stress: how people think about money. So for those who are ready to end their money stress, Moneyfulness® shows them how to never look at money the same again!

In my interview with Michael, we speak about goal-setting and how to achieve those goals.

Learn more about Michael Keet, his programs and books by clicking here to visit his website.

We hope you enjoy this interview with Michael Keet. Thank you for listening!


Moneyfulness® is a unique combination of financial and mindfulness insight to address the heart of money stress: how people think about money.

Money causes the most stress for people around the world. Seventy-two percent of all Americans experience stress about their finances and that money stress is not only caused by not having money but is caused by the way people think about money—their convictions and behavior. In the concept of mindfulness, there is no mention of stress reduction about money problems. People can find all kinds of stress relievers regarding depression, burn-out, anxiety, etc. For the first time, Michael Keet presents Moneyfulness® a unique concept that fills this gap in the overall concept of mindfulness. Michael presents the idea that people’s mindset about money and the practical “how to” belong together, walking readers through the seven aiding factors of mindfulness as they apply to money along with the practical steps for how to actually manage money. For those who are ready to end their money stress, Moneyfulness® shows them how to never look at money the same again!


Michael Keet (PRNewsfoto/Morgan James Publishing)

Let me introduce myself, my name is Michael Keet. Let’s start with my teenage years. They were not so very successful, kicked out of school, no education or relevant working experience. This continued until I reached the age of twenty-one. Then there was someone that wanted to help me. I was offered to go back to school for a year. And so I did. Three years of evening school later I’ve got my bachelor’s degree and later on my MBA at a Dutch University. But that’s not the only thing, at the age of twenty-one I was no good for anything and at the age of thirty, I was the finance director from a company that employed over 400 people and had a 60 million turnover.  All accomplished in nine years. When I went back to school I realized that this was a one-time opportunity. This is what got me back on track, I’ve changed my mindset. I realized that my mindset was one of the most powerful things I had. And this is also one of the things I’ll be showing to you later on.

So, I’ve been a finance director or business controller for about thirteen years. Then again a turning point in life, I started my own business. I’ve developed my online accounting system for self-employed and small business owners. I‘ve also established my own accounting and tax office. This has been changed into a franchise formula, several accounting and tax offices in The Netherlands.

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