Podcast 863: Reinventing Masculinity: The Liberating Power of Compassion and Connection with Ed Frauenheim

Men in our society have certainly been socialized to act and behave in a way that author Ed Frauenheim refers to as associated with “confined masculinity”.  In this co-authored book with author Ed Adams entitled ” Reinventing Masculinity-The Liberating Power of Compassion and Connection” the authors address the differences between “confined masculinity” and “liberated masculinity“.

“Confined masculinity” refers to a set of attitudes, values and behaviors that define how men “should” show up in the world. It is a constrained conception of masculinity, one in which men tend to define themselves as playing just a few dominant roles-the protector, the provider and the conqueror.  The “confined” masculinity also applies to how, where, and for who they play these roles. “Confined men” almost exclusively see themselves as being in competition with others.  They believe they need to demonstrate physical courage and project confidence-however false.

In contrast there is “liberated masculinity” and this is a version of masculinity they release men from limiting, damaging, counterproductive bonds of traditional views of manhood. It enables men to embody many archetypal roles of extending beyond the conventional provider and protector roles to other such as healer, artists, lover and spiritual seeker. A man operating from “liberating masculinity” also has a broader understanding of how to perform his multiple roles.

If you want to become “liberated” you will want to listen to this podcast with author Ed Frauenheim.  This book “Reinventing Masculinity” is a guide for the reader to better understand how to reinvent themselves and to reduce or eliminate any struggle you might be having and learn now to make sense of how to be a good man, spouse and father.

Enjoy this engaging and and informative interview with author Ed Frauenheim.  If you want to learn more about the book and the author please visit their website by clicking here.  You can also download a free chapter from the book from their website.

Enjoy this great interview.

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