Podcast 859: Healing Ourselves Whole with Emily Francis

We all are aware that our body tells us things about our health, or are we?  If you listen to and tune into your body, your gut issues, back pain, nagging thoughts, anxiety.  These are all ways your body is telling you something is amiss. Instead of trying to silence them, discover how to work with your body to finally find and release the root cause.

Our guest for this podcast is author and bodyworker Emily Francis, and we discuss her new book entitled ” Healing Ourselves Whole-An Interactive Guide to Release Pain and Trauma by Utilizing the Wisdom of the Body.  This groundbreaking interactive book contains everything you need to clean your emotional house from top to bottom, including a journal, prompts, and access to audio meditations to listen to as you read.

” When I work with a person’s body, traumas present themselves to my hands and to my mental imagery as if there are rows of carrots planted deep within the system.  All I see or feel is the top of the green, bushy handle sticking up. I never know just how thick the actual carrot that is embedded in the body is until I help a person pull the whole thing out.  In the world of psychology, what I see inside the body as a carrot is referred to as a trauma capsule in the mind.  Psychologists say capsules are created at the time of life-threatening events when the mind is scared that it is going to be harmed or die and that everything happening at the moment is locked into the subconscious mind inside a trauma capsule.”

If you might be dealing with body pain that is talking with you and you don’t know what it is telling you, then you really should listen to this podcast and get a copy of Emily’s new book “Healing Ourselves Whole.”.  If you want to learn more about Emily and her bodywork please click here to access her website.

I hope you enjoy this informative and engaging podcast!

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