Podcast 857: Visual Goal Setting for Success – Goalscape with Marcus Baur

I personally have been a user and fan of the Goalscape software for many years.  I know the founder Marcus Baur and the story behind the development of the software, and in this podcast, you will learn some of the history of the software, and more importantly the huge benefits you can achieve by using a visual goal-setting platform.  Please watch this short video to learn more.

If you are someone who sets goals or you are on a team that and you need to track your goals, then the Goalscape software would be a positive addition to your toolkit in working with your goals. In this interview with Marcus Baur the founder of the software we discuss the visual features, how they work, and the benefits to the end-user.   We also discuss the passion he had for becoming an Olympic Gold Medalist in the sport of sailing, and how the development of Goalscape played a role in this passion.

We also get into the psychological elements of goal setting and how Goalscape becomes a beneficial partner for creating, tracking and reminding the user of their goals.   As Marcus states, he finds it interesting that people want to achieve something, but how frequently they are not willing to put in the effort in attaining that goal and they fall short of their goals.

If you would like to achieve your goals in 2021 and are looking for a tool that will help you better achieve your goals, then you will want to check out Goalscape by clicking here.

I hope you enjoy this engaging and informative interview about setting goals and the psychology behind goal setting.

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