Podcast 769: Game-Time Decision Making with David Meltzer

In my interview with David Meltzer the author of a new book entitled “Game-Time Decision Making – High Scoring Business Strategies From The Biggest Names in Sports” we talk about his book and the simple premise behind the book — which is to learn to be prepared and to make decisions in the moment with confidence, clarity, balance, and focus. “The world’s best coaches and managers make a living being confident that they have the right information to make the best decisions and you should as well” states David.

“We start with the decision-making mindset there are three minds with which we make our decisions: the conscious, subconscious, or unconscious minds. Our conscious mind evaluates what people think, what people say, and what people do. And it takes time to get the conscious alignment necessary to make a decision.” Looking at what people think, say, and do helps us evaluate how are aligned others are with our foundational values: our personal values, experiential values, and receiving values.  We have to know the balance of values that we’re looking at sometimes, a decision is made 100% on our personal values. Sometimes it’s made 100% on our giving values, and so on so we have to keep that in context with our conscious decision making, and we have to know how the actions of others are aligned with our core values.

The subconscious mind deals with the countless things that we believe. We assess the actions and intentions of others and whether those are aligned with our values and beliefs. The belief becomes aligned with the entire roster of our thoughts, both conscious and subconscious. The reason for this is that what we believe vibrates faster than our conscious thought. Our subconscious vibrates faster than our conscious. So when we make a snap decision for or a call an audible,  we rely on beliefs, based on our whole life experience.

I hope you enjoy this engaging interview with author David Meltzer about his new book “Game-Time Decision Making“. If you want to learn more about David and the book please click here to be directed to his personal website.

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