Podcast 768: Success and Something Greater with Greg Reid

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Greg Reed about his co author new book with Sharon Lechter entitled “Success & Something Greater“. In our interview together we discuss the principles that have never before been published from Napoleon Hill. In this podcast we talk about the Great Magic Key to success which was something that Napoleon Hill talked about as well. According to Greg, this Magic Key will unlock the door to riches, unlock the door to fame, and in many cases it will unlock the door to physical health.

So just what is this great magic key that Napoleon Hill spoke about — the answer is simple and in one word: concentration!

So how is concentration defined? In concentrating on any subject, you must think and remember that the mind wandering is not thinking. Efficient scientific thinking contemplates the ability to direct your mind up and down the various limbs of the tree that represents the subject of your thoughts following each limb to the end and retracting it back to the trunk of the tree. Keeping your mind always on the tree as a whole. Ability is concentration! Desire whatever you want and if you desired strong enough the great magic of concentration will help you attain it if the object of your desire is something which is humanly possible to attain.

In my podcast with Dr. Greg Reid about his new book “Success & Something Greater” we also speak about overcoming obstacles, constant forward motion, surrounding yourself with good people as well as the permission to live your passion. I hope you enjoy this interview with Dr. Greg Reid, if you want to learn more about Greg and his new book please click here to be directed to his website.

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