Podcast 726: Grace – A Leader’s Guide to a Better Us with John Baldoni

Grace is a word that many of us don’t use or hear much anymore. There are many definitions but the one I like the most is that “grace is a state of sanctification enjoyed through divine assistance”. No matter which definition you prefer author John Baldoni writes about how leaders should embrace grace to become better leaders, and to use “grace” for self-improvement.

John has a great acronym for GRACE and it is:
G=generosity, the will to do something for others,
R=respect, the dignity of life and work,
A=action the mechanism for change,
C=compassion, the concern for others,
E=energy, the spirit that catalyzes people.

Grace – A Leader’s Guide to a Better Us is a book that is filled with stories based on interviews that John conducted with leaders such as Stephen M.R. Covey, Alan Mulally, Skip Prichard and Sally Helgesen to celebrities like Aretha Franklin and Fred Rogers.  Through the stories told, you will learn that there is no mystery to being less self-centered and more people centered.

All of these leaders practice certain principles such as: 1) thinking positively as a means of doing positively for others, 2)looking for ways to be kind to others, without expecting anything in return, 3)seeking to understand before passing judgement, 4) knowing that the search for motive can be an excuse for finding blame, determining the needs of others as a means of discovering purpose, and 5) looking to promote what is good and dispense with what is harmful.

As John states “Purpose emerges from the why of what we do, and grace enables ‘the how’ of what we do. Grace facilitates better work relationships, improved productivity and ultimately higher levels of trust.”

If you are a leader within your organization I would recommend listening to this great interview with author John Baldoni. If you want to learn more about Grace-A Leader’s Guide to a Better Us then click here to be directed to his website.

I hope you enjoy this wonderful interview with an author that practices what he writes about–Grace.

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