Podcast 687: Change Your Genes, Change Your Life with Dr. Kenneth Pelletier

In my recent interview with Dr. Kenneth Pelletier the author of a new book entitled “Change Your Genes, Change Your Life” I learned more and became aware of how our genetics really don’t play the most significant role in our predisposition for disease.  “One of the reigning assumption of genomic researchers had been that our genes are deterministic in their expression. But the new epigenetic research demonstrated that this premise is largely false. Instead, we have come to see that our genes respond, or more specifically our epigenome responds, to how we interact with our world.”

This finding should be a relief to almost everyone listening to this podcast.  Just think about it, we control the outcome of our health, not our ancestors. “In other words, our lifestyle choices and our life conditions play a large part in ow our epigenome functions, which in turn determines the function of the underlying genome.  What we eat, drink, and breathe, our stress levels, our use of pharmaceuticals, our interaction with the immediate physical environment–these are the essential factors in genetic expression.

If you want to learn more about this fascinating research from one of the leading scientists in the study of epigenetics then definitely get a copy “Change Your Genes, Change Your Life” and listen carefully to this podcast with Dr. Kenneth Pelletier.  You can get more information about this new book by visiting Dr. Pelletier website by clicking here.

Enjoy this wonderful interview on “Change Your Genes, Change Your Life“.

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