Podcast 66: Think Outside Your Blocks with Kevin Carroll

Kevin CarrollKevin Carroll is a wonderful coach, author and business consultant.  After spending 17 years in advertising, Kevin started his own consulting and training business.  His first book was entitled, “Make Your Point, Speak Clearly and Concisely Anyplace, Anytime” and focused on helping people get what they want by saying what they mean.

Kevin has a wonderfully humorous style of deliver before his audiences, and knows how to keep people engaged and inspired. I recommend you visit his website and watch his video’s showing excerpts from presentations, they really are funny!!!

His new book which is the topic of the podcast is entitled, ” Think Outside the Blocks.” In my interview with Kevin we speak about the breakthrough thinking process in which Kevin uses the acronym IDEA.  Identify your real objective, Deliberate with outsiders, Examine your assumptions, and Apply breakthrough thinking techniques.

Kevin speaks about the 11 Breakthrough Techniques, and you will learn more about releasing the creative energy within and how to apply this both personally and professionally.

Kevin’s book is a fast read, loaded with examples and pictures to stimulate your creative thinking process.  He really helps provides great tools to help you tap into your intuitive self, which is so much a part of any breakthrough thinking process.  I know you will enjoy the interview with Kevin, and I highly recommend his book “Think Outside Your Blocks”.

If  you would like to learn more about Kevin’s organization, his books, CD’s and appearances please visit his website at by clicking here.

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