I have always been interested in tools that can assist in helping me be more efficient and productive in my vocation. I used to go around the country speaking to groups of financial services representatives about productivity tools, (both hardware and software), that would make them more effective at their work. The title of the talk that I delivered over 10 years ago was “Taming Time and Technology.

Needless to say, that technology has continued to outpace lots of peoples abilities to adapt and adopt it. But once a technology junkie always a junkie, and I continue to evangelize about products that I believe can help.

I have found a tool that is not only highly productive, but relatively easy to take out of the box and start using. My inspiration to write about this product is very much a part of my business of creating these blogs and podcasts, and how the Smart Pen plays an important role in making this easier for me.

Imagine a pen that has a recorder build aboard, with 2 GB of memory.  Now imagine that when you write with this pen that the built in infrared camera takes pictures of the notes you are taking. All you have to do is click where you were writing, and the pen plays back the recorded notes. So, you have both a picture and an audio recording of your notes.  If you are an author, journalist, student, coach, attorney or any other professional where meetings, seminars or lectures are part of your life, and want to remember what was said, then the Smart Pen is your answer.

In my interview with Eric Petitt, the Director of Marketing, we get to explore the many ways that the Smart Pen by Livescribe is helping people like you and me improve our efficiency, effectiveness and productivity. The Smart Pen by Livescribe is a wonderful tool and I know it will revolutionize the process of taking notes.

In this informative interview with Eric, we explore the fascinating history and evolution of this pen, as well as discuss the applications.  We discuss the evolving community of users, and how they are sharing data both written and audio recording via cyberspace through the Livescribe community.

I highly encourage anyone who wants to share, keep, store and remember those important lectures, seminars or conference calls, to explore the wonders of this amazing pen.  The website is loaded with instructional and informative videos.  If you would like to see a demonstration of the applications of the Smart Pen then click here to go to their website.

Enjoy this interview, and please do yourself a favor and go purchase one of these amazing pens.

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