Guy FinleyThis is my second interview with author and philosopher Guy Finley. I am truly fascinated by how Guy articulates his beliefs and thoughts on spirituality and personal mastery.

I recently was notified by his organization about a series he created entitled “The Education of the Soul” I immediately went to order the CD’s to find out that they had sold out within a week. The series can only be obtained as a MP3 download now, but they are wonderful listening and very affordable.

In this interview with Guy Finley we speak of our connection with the cosmos and the perfect order of everything and our role in the order of the cosmos. We dialogue about our unique purpose here on this planet, and we are provided with glimpses into the “why” we are here.

As Guy states, a special kind of wisdom has been passed down through the centuries, generation to generation, for one exalted end — the education of the soul. Thus willing seekers have always been given the means to fulfill the true and higher purpose of their lives.

Education of the Soul is a comprehensive program that distills the fundamental concepts that form the core of the invisible spiritual curriculum. This unparalleled collection of wisdom can be understood at many levels, making it suitable for beginners and long-time students. With each listening, the student encounters a deeper layer of meaning.

In these specially selected talks, Guy integrates key principles from eastern and western traditions, bringing them to life by shining new Light on their hidden meaning. He explores topics such as Love, Will, Relationships, the Present Moment, Rebirth, and much more.

My interview with Guy is full of insight and inquiry into our spiritual purpose for being. Every time I am given the opportunity to dialogue with Guy, my mind is opened up and I become more aware of the expansiveness of the wonderful Universe. I highly recommend “The Education of the Soul” audio collection. This valuable audio program is bound to help transform your life.
If you are interested in learning more about Guy Finely and his books, CD and personal appearances I recommend visiting his website by clicking here.


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