Podcast 499: Life Purpose Boot Camp with Eric Maisel

I had the pleasure of interviewing Eric Maisel the author of over 30 book on creativity, writing and personal growth.  His new book entitled ” Life Purpose Boot Camp” is an eight week plan for creating a meaningful life.  In my interview with Eric we explore the life long journey that so many people take in finding meaning and purpose in their lives.  As Eric states ” “no life purpose can event exist until we step back and identify, embrace and implement the ones that we choose.  He says that their is not one meaning of life but rather a multitude of subjective meanings, and that there is not purpose to life but rather a multitude of subjective life purposes.

In “Life Purpose Boot Camp” Eric provides the framework, tools and processes that people need to sort out their life purpose.  I know you will enjoy my interview with Eric about his new book.  If you want to learn more I recommend the following websites that will provide you with more information about Eric and “Life Purpose Boot Camp.”  Eric Maisel website, Facebook page, Life Purpose Boot Camp 

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