Podcast 500: A Winner’s Guide to Negotiating with Molly Fletcher

At the end of last year I had the opportunity to interview author Molly Fletcher about her new book entitled ” A Winner’s Guide to Negotiating“.  I must admit I learned more in 30 minutes about negotiating from Molly than I had learned in 30+ years of business.  Molly truly is a master at her business having spent the last two decades negotiating $500 million worth of deals on behalf of hundreds of the nation’s premier athletes, coaches and television commentators.

Molly states that “Trust” is as the heart of negotiation if one wants long term success.  She says that trust is about your words, your actions and your motives.  In negotiation, it is easy to get consumed by your own self-interest but you have to understand the big picture. Trust is the foundation of an effective negotiation.

No matter what, and with whom you are attempting to negotiate listening to my interview and purchasing Molly’s book is a must.  If you want to learn more about Molly and her organization the Molly Fletcher Company please click on the link.  You can also go to the book landing page by clicking here.

Enjoy this great interview with a master at negotiation.

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