Podcast 490: Reinventing You with Dorie Clark

Our world is moving a very rapid pace, at least that what is seems like to me.  If you have these same feelings and are wondering if your current career is not as fulfilling as it once was then you might want to pay attention to my interview with author Dorie Clark.  Dorie has authored a new book entitled ” Reinventing You-Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future.”

In my interview with Dorie we discuss not only the “how” of reinventing yourself, but also the “why” you would consider reinvention.  To succeed in today’s competitive job market and build a career that leverages your unique passions and talents, it’s almost certain that at some point you’ll need to reinvent yourself professionally.

Dorie recommends conducting 360 degree interviews, holding focus groups with friends and colleagues, examine your online presence–these ideas are just a few of the simple things one can consider in the reinvention process.   She discusses with me blogging on Linkedin, taking on leadership roles, and to do something she refers to as the “wingman strategy”,  having someone else spread the good  word about your skills and talents.

Dorie new book is filled with ideas, strategies and methods of reinventing to make yourself more marketable.  If you are considering a new career or just wanting to break free and start your own business I would highly recommend reading Dorie’s new book “Reinventing You“.

To learn more about Dorie and her book click here to be taken to her website, or click here to follow her on Twitter.

I hope you enjoy this interview with author Dorie Clark.

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