Michael and Cheryl Johnson I first met Michael Johnson at a seminar at USD in San Diego, where his client, Will Marre, was speaking. Michael and his wife Cheryl own a company called, Industrial Strength TV. Together they produce and direct documentaries and other video productions for clients. What intrigued me about Michael was the socially conscious focus he took by the selection of his clients and the kind of work he was creating, producing and directing. The Purple Couch: Stories from Americas Living Room, is the brain child of his wife Cheryl and is a masterful production about everyday people and how they have handled adversity in their lives.

The setting where the video is shot is outside on location…….on a purple couch! This purple couch is placed almost anywhere; a busy street, on the beach or outside a sidewalk cafe. Cheryl stands off camera and asks very thought provoking questions to stimulate the subjects to tell their stories. The stories that emerge are fascinating, intriguing and enrich the souls of the viewers. If you would like to see the short production they did with my son Sean click here.

I am a definite fan of Michael and Cheryl’s work and hope that you will visit their web site and watch some of the amazing video productions. Stay tuned for you might see “The Purple Couch: Stories from Americas Living Room” on PBS.

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