Brandt MorganI have to say that Brandt Morgan and his, “Vision Walk” process is incredibly powerful. I recently went to a spiritual retreat in Virgina and read the book on the plane. I followed the advice that Brandt outlines in the book by asking a question prior to my meditation, then went into meditation and let spirit do the rest. During the meditation I found myself very peaceful and without any distraction. Upon rising from the meditation Brandt suggests that you go on a walk and listen to Spirit. I just happen to be in one of the most beautiful parts of the country and took an hour walk in the woods. I had never had an experience like the one I experienced on the walk. I was being guided by Spirit throughout the walk, about a very important project that had been on my mind. I am now consumed by “Heartfelt Connections” which is a project that has been divinely manifested.

Not only did Spirit speak with me, she gave me advice in detail as to what I was suppose to be doing with this project. The advice was so descriptive in detail that after the walk, I went back to my cabin at the retreat center and started recording what I had been told. When I was completed with the process I had over nine pages of detailed information to proceed forward manifesting my “Heartfelt Connections” project. If you would like to learn more about this project please click here for a link to our web site or read my blog entry by clicking here.

In all my years of personal growth and study I have never had a process that has so strongly connected me to Spirit as did the Vision Walk that Brandt Morgan outlines in his book. I highly recommend his book, retreats and learning more about this wonderful spiritual process. Please check out Brandt’s web site by clicking here and definitely purchase his book.

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