Lorna Riley I first met Lorna Riley at a National Speaker Conference in Los Angeles about 12 years ago. She was one of the main speakers and I was quite impressed with her energy and incredible stage presence. We only briefly met at that meeting not even knowing that we lived in the same town. Just a few months ago I went to an ASTD meeting and guess who was the main speaker? You guessed it, Lorna! We exchanged business cards and promised one another that we would get together for lunch and to get to know one another better. We had lunch a few months ago, and I was so impressed with what Lorna’s company,” Chart Learning Solutions” was doing that I invited her to do this podcast. Lorna is a professional sales trainer and consultant with over 18 years of experience. In our podcast we discuss her book “Off the Chart Results” where she has compiled the thoughts and inspiring wisdom of some of the greatest minds of today such as: Warren Bennis, Margaret Wheatley and James Kouzes.

Lorna was influenced by the inspiring work of Joseph Campbell and “The Hero’s Journey.” She has utilized the concepts of the hero’s journey in the development of a chart to assist individuals in identifying the various stages of personal growth and development. This was so well received by her clients that she continues to refine the process and has created several training programs around the “Four Stages of Off the Chart Results“. I encourage you to listen carefully as Lorna identifies and explains the various stages in our interview, for I believe you will receive valuable information to help you on your own path of personal mastery.
If you would like to learn more about Chart Learning Solutions and the various training programs offered by Lorna, please visit her web site by clicking here.

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