James OlsonAuthor James Olson truly has thoughtfully written a book that  asks the reader to ponder and reflet deeply about the whole-brain path to peace.  His new book entitled “The Whole Brain Path to Peace-The Role of Left-and Right Brain Dominance in the Polarization and Reunification of America” is enlightening to say the least.

In my interview with James we discuss the the tow hemispheres of the brain, and the differences between the left brain and right brain dominance.  As James states the right brain is holistic, unifying and see wholeness.  It is interested in collectives, including collective security and is interested in the welfare of others.

In contrast, the left-brain is dualistic and it separates wholes through the process and analysis, focusing in on their parts.  The left brain is aggressive and needs to be in order to protect us, while the right brain is peaceful, engaging people through a process of attraction rather than action.

James associates the left brain with war, and the right brain with peace.  He states that the left-brain, being analytical, is deconstructive.  Analysis takes things apart.  It is also aggressive and forceful and needs boe be in order to overcome the unity of wholeness.  Wholes don’t fall apart; they have to be forced apart.   The path to peace requires that we fully integrate the tow different side of our brain and end the struggle between them, resulting in a whole brain, a peaceful brain, rather than a polarized brean of two parts.  From a whole-brain perspective—when all you have is wholeness—there are no reason to fight or have war: There is nothing to war against. War comes about only when we have separation.

Author James Olson’s new book ” The Whole-Brain Path to Peace” is a wonderful read filled with thought provoking ideas to thrust the reader into understanding how the two hemispheres of our brain are truly the reason for separation, and not seeing the differences.  Once we can unify our left and right sides of the brain and see the world from a whole-brain perspective we will have personal peace, and as our author would like—world peace.

I hope you enjoy this wonderful interview with a great author.  You can learn more about James Olson by clicking here to be directed to his website.  Or you can watch a Youtube video by clicking here.

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