Jen BlackertJen Blackert is a wonderfully energetic person. I have never personally met her, but I feel as if I have known her forever. I decided to do this podcast about her new book because I believe she is very intuitive when it comes to the focus, direction and use of one’s energy. Her book is a guide to finding, identifying and changing our mental limits. It offers probing questions to ponder in an effort to get the reader to eradicate unhelpful habits and behaviors so you can live a life without limits.

So just what are the Seven Dragons that Jen has identified?

1. Mental Incongruence: Shift your subconscious feelings into alignment with logical thought.

2. Overwhelm: Clarify your needs and map your way to success.

3. Decision Procrastination: Change your procrastination habits for good.

4. Attention Deficit: Gain focus and concentration.

5. Resistance: Reset your mindset and go with the flow.

6. Finances: Learn to give, receive and feel confident with the flow of money.

7. Unworthiness: Be, do and feel fabulous.
Jen’s book is a guide to helping you overcome the Seven Dragons and achieve a limitless mind. I hope you enjoy this podcast and learning how to achieve personal mastery by working on your Seven Dragons. If you would like to learn more about Jen’s workshops, audio CD’s, and books please visit her site by clicking here

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