Barbara Moses Ph.DDo you know what motivates you, or what your ideal work environment would be? In my interview with Dr. Barbara Moses author of, “What Next?-Finding the Work That is Right for You,” we explore the issues that could be holding you back from finding the work you love. Dr. Moses is a highly acclaimed career counselor and her books and career profiles have been used by millions of people to match them to their perfect career. In Dr. Moses’ comprehensive guide she provides self assessment tools and career advice for anyone wishing to explore a new path.

It does not matter if you are a Baby Boomer or a Generation X’er. My interview with Dr. Moses focuses on the issues of how anyone can find more meaningful work. We talk about skills and competencies necessary in the workplace of today, but we also explore the importance that all generations are placing on having more meaningful and fulfilling work. Dr. Moses helps people through a series of profiles, questions and self assessment tools to find the right work suited to match their unique personality and skills.

I was reading a recent statistic that said that our younger generation of workers will most likely have 13-15 different jobs in their lifetime. This is quite the contrast to the traditionalists and “Baby Boomers” who were conditioned to keep their jobs and not make many job changes. We live in a changing world and a fascinating work environment. Dr. Moses will provide you with the tools and assessments that make this new and ever changing work world not so daunting. I know you will thoroughly enjoy my interview with one of the most highly sought out experts in the field. Fast Company magazine is quoted as saying, “Dr. Barbara Moses is the career guru.”

So sit back, relax and learn how matching your skills, personality and aptitudes to the proper job can be fun and enjoyable. I recommend Dr. Barbara Moses’ book, “What Next?”, as a practical user-friendly guide for anyone looking for a career change. If you want more information on Dr. Barbara Moses’ assessments, profiles and workshops, please click here.

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