Ruth FolitIn this interview with Ruth Folit we explore the wonderfully powerful and rewarding aspects of journaling. I know that I have journaled from time to time and when I was inspired to journal, I found the process to be very cathartic.

In my interview with Ruth we explore the benefits of regular journaling and the various types of journaling. Ruth is the founder of a company called, “Chronicles Software“, and she developed one of the only software applications that assists journal writers in organizing their thoughts for easy retrieval. The software also allows the journal writer to:

  • Write securely and privately, journaling within feature-rich entries.
  • Be inspired with prompts and quotes to see new perspectives: your journaling becomes more consistent.
  • Track your health or energy levels; hours slept or miles walked (create up to 10 scales)–a unique journaling tool.
  • Search and review your diary entries effortlessly by topic, date, journal type and more.
  • Remember your past and create your memoir, as memories surface.
  • Understand your life better by making connections and gaining insight.
  • Customize your diary to make it YOUR OWN journal program.

If you are interested in learning more about the art of journaling and would like to know more about Ruth’s software please visit her web site by clicking here. I know you will enjoy our podcast if you are interested in becoming more focused on the regular benefits of journaling. I was inspired by our interview and am going to start journaling again.

[audio:IPG_Ruth Folit Interview_122707.mp3]

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