Guy FinleyI always enjoy my interviews with Guy Finley, over the years we have grown our friendship and I sincerely appreciate his wisdom and insight.

In this interview we discuss his new book entitled “The Courage to Be Free“.  For my listeners who enjoy and listen to the wonderful content that Guy Finley offers then you are in for a treat with his new book “The Courage to Be Free“.  We discuss the ideas about overcoming our fears and becoming liberated.

Guy states ” that out task is to awaken to the fact that we are perfectly equipped to overcome our fears, by understanding that we are greater than our fears.  Our fears are present learning moments that are gifts that allow us to see that we are greater than any fear we might think has domain over us; fearlessness is our ability to awaken to this realization”

The only thing we already know is that worry, doubt, resentment and fear–whatever their shape or form–hold captive anyone unwary enough to fall into their web of woe.  Buy your reclaimed birthright authorizes you to be naturally free of these negative states as it is for you to be full of “grace under fire,” regardless of how dire circumstances my seem.  Yours is also the right to effortlessly recognize and release anger and frustration, to be able to see them for exactly what they are-false powers disguised as helpful guides in tome of duress.

This new book “The Courage to Be Free” is a very easy read packed with ageless wisdom, but articulated in a way that really connects with your heart.  If you are ready to release and let go of your fearful thoughts then this little book will reinforce your power to become free.  I highly recommend not only the book, but the hours of recordings that Guy Finley makes available through his Life of Learning Foundation.  Please avail yourself of this vast library of audio recordings, they are a powerhouse of transformative material.
If you would like more information please click here to be directed to the Life of Learning Foundation, or click here to be directed to a 5 minute video about the book.  Enjoy my interview with a wonderfully inspiring and knowledgable man who speaks from his heart and soul.

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