Philip Zimbardo In the western world, we all seem to be driven by the clock. The question that I hear frequently asked is, “what time is it”?  In this wonderful interview with author and psychologist Dr. Philip Zimbardo, we explore the meaning and value we place on time, as well as his time perspective inventory.   His book entitled, “The Time Paradox“, reveals how to better use your most irreplaceable resource, based on solid science and timeless wisdom

The reality is that we are all going to run out of time at some point in our lives.  In other words we are going to exit this physical plane of existence and move on to a spiritual realm.  We are all going to die, and this life will end.  As Dr. Zimbardo points out, our time perspective reflects attitudes, beliefs, and values related to time.   He asks the question, do you spend more time thinking about the past, the present or future?  And when you think about the past, present or future are your thoughts positive, or negative, happy or sad, hopeful or fearful?  Your personal time perspective helps determine your answers to these types of questions and reflects your thoughts, feelings and behaviors–in fact, all aspects of your life.

Dr. Zimbardo states that while time perspectives will continue to emerge, change and evolve, for the Western world, he has identified six perspectives: two past, two present, and two future.  These time perspectives are called the: 1) past negative 2) past positive 3) present-fatalistic 4) present hedonistic 5) future 6) transcendental-future.

If you would like to determine your own time perspective I would recommend that you take the (Zimbardo Time Perspective Inventory) This is a very short questionnaire but something you will find quite useful in determining your personal time perspective.  You can access this questionnaire by clicking here.

If you are have ever wondered where does all the time go, or you are wanting to learn more about how your personal perspective about time effects your emotions, attitudes and feelings then I highly recommend that you read “The Time Paradox.”  This is a wonderful book that will provide each reader with a new and altered perspective about time and the value we place on it.

I hope you enjoy my interview with Dr. Philip Zimbardo and please visit his website for additional information about this book and others.  You can access his website by clicking here.

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